1. Blueprint Health

    Technology is everywhere these days.  It is disrupting how we interact with other humans, how we discover information and content, and how businesses are built and execute.  If it weren’t for technology, heck Tumblr wouldn’t exist and I certainly couldn’t create my own blog and posts without technical assistance!

    Startups or entrepreneurship are also seemingly ubiquitous these days, perhaps because it’s en vogue to be “innovative”.  Even POTUS Obama has advanced a startup and entrepreneurship initiative recently to help stimulate the economy in terms of jobs and innovation through Startup America.

    There have been technology accelerators and incubators around for the past 5-6, such as Y-Combinator and TechStars, whose basic mission is to help entrepreneurs build the foundations of meaningful businesses in a short, accelerated time frame (using an intensive period of mentorship and guidance).  The model and tech movement have grown to the point where there are now industry specific accelerators and incubators that are popping up, in particular for industries that are slightly different and complex beasts than others, such as healthcare.

    Blueprint Health is one such health + technology accelerator that is starting in New York this Winter 2012.  I’m an enthusiast of health innovation, particularly those that leverage technology in a meaningful way and am honored to be involved with the Blueprint Health team as a mentor.  You can find out more here and if you want to get involved (note - no direct health or healthcare experience is required per say, just a passion for health innovation!) drop me a note!