1. Got a Fever?

    Random stuff about me

    1. Live and work in Back Bay, Boston

    2. It’s pronounced “H-wong”

    3. The 2nd “c” in cch doesn’t stand for anything, technically.

    4. I’m the only member of my family on my dad’s side to be born in the United States

    5. Si, soy “chino”, pero hablo espanol tambien.  

     A few interests I have are…

    1. health care

    2. innovation/start-ups

    3. technology

    4. politics & policy (esp. international diplomacy/relations)

    5. sports/entertainment (if you don’t think sports isn’t entertainment, ummmm we might have issues)

    Things I like to engage in…

    1. reading (physical media is preferred, something about the tactile feel of pages and ink)

    2. music (live music ideally, but digital is fine)

    3. sports (soccer, basketball) & working out

    4. good conversation (bonus if coupled with good food, jackpot when accompanied with good people)

    5. funny movies & shows. Seinfeld, Family Guy, Chappelle Show, SNL skits (Will Ferrell spots in particular)