1. More Cowbell = More About Me

    So… you got a fever and need more cowbell, eh?!?  

    Well, here goes.

    I was born in Akron, Ohio (a lot of my cousins on my mom’s side were also born there - you can thank my Uncle Chen for blazing the trail over from Taiwan) the 2nd of two sons (older bro is Chris) to James and Janie.  Moved around a bit growing up with my dad doing a PhD in biochem and then a post-doc, but settled and grew up in scenic Wallingford, PA where I went to Strath Haven Middle and High School (go Panthers!).

    I went to Johns Hopkins University (go Jays!) in Baltimore, MD for college, studying Public Health, concentrations in Economics/Health Policy & Management.  I also spent time in school while not playing soccer and studying, doing research at Hopkins Hospital in the Dept of Radiology around telemedicine and teleradiology.

    I’ve been in Boston since college (yikes, 10 years now)… working in consulting first at Towers Perrin (now dba as Towers Watson) and then in corporate finance/strategy at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (the #1 health plan in America for seven consecutive years).  I decided to go back to graduate school, and recently finished a dual degree master’s program at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. (That pic above is not a mug shot, it’s hopefully my last ever student ID picture from HBS). While in school, I worked on or with a few start-ups, including Accelecare and Generation Health and worked/brainstormed on some other super early stage ventures.

    After being in la-la land for three fun and quick years, I joined Spark Capital, an early stage venture fund in Boston, MA which focuses primarily on technology, media, and entertainment sectors, but the firm is interested in overlaps between it’s traditional sector focuses and large industries such as healthcare and education.  I’m super interested in the confluence between technology, media (social & digital), and healthcare.  I firmly believe we need healthcare and technology to mash together to help fix the US healthcare system which is bloated, inefficient, and helping bankrupt our country.  

    Well - hope that’s enough… but if not, you might need a prescription.  :)