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    Here’s a link to the just released VC demographic survey from NVCA and Dow Jones as summarized by Dan Primack from Fortune.  Some of the findings aren’t terribly shocking (89% of VC investors are male, 87% are Caucasian, 49% have an MBA, and the top universities represented are Harvard and Stanford at 10% each), but there are some good nuggets of information that provide hope for more diversity (incidentally enough, Eric Ries wrote a fantastic piece on racism and meritocracy within the startup/VC ecosystem over the weekend that is about the best piece I’ve read in a long time - please read it).  

    For me, the silver lining of the NVCA census and hope for more diversity in the VC and startup world comes from three data points:

    • For those who have been in VC for less than five years, there is increasing diversity as 77% are Caucasian.  As to whether this will translate into a permanent shift in another generation as this current crop of mostly white GPs retire, who knows.
    • As it relates to gender diversity, there is also a younger skew for women in the VC industry.  Among those surveyed, the under 30 years old cohort have 28% women and the 30’s age category have 27% women.  Same story as for racial and cultural diversity, let’s see if this shift persists in a generation up towards the GP ranks.
    • The healthcare/life sciences and clean tech industries have the greatest percentage of women, at 18% and 15% respectively.  For two of the most important industries in America (along with education), this is a great thing.

    ps. the picture used above is apropos - a lot of blue dress shirts in the VC game!


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