1. Rodney Dangerfield - No Respect

    Excellent post and data analysis by Bijan from Highland Capital Partners on why life sciences venture investing gets no respect, particularly as it relates to tech/IT.  If you don’t know Bijan, he’s a sharp guy with an excellent pedigree (just look at his collection of degrees) who’s based out of Highland’s Menlo Park office.  Even more important - a thoughtful, humble and all around good guy.

    While I don’t look deeply at life sciences (biotech, pharma, med devices) per say as Bijan does, I am as most people know, a big fan of whoever is innovating in the broad healthcare space.  I’ve posted about this many times before, as recently as last week, and always try and convince my tech/web native friends to get interested and involved in healthcare (admittedly with varied success, but I think I’m starting to win a few of them over, i.e. Jennifer Lum).  So many people are hot and heavy about tech these days (and not for terrible reasons), but there is tremendous opportunity for innovation and success in healthcare too.  And we need smart tech people in the healthcare battle with us to find ways to scale companies and services.  Healthcare might not be as sexy as a DTC web/digital company like Facebook or Twitter, but as Bijan’s nice analysis from 2000-2010 shows, the fundamentals are definitely there for growth and value creation.  As they say - the numbers speak for themselves.


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